Valley Arts

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The Larry Carlton Discovery.

Der Knaller: Valley Arts Standard Pro.
Musik Magazine 09-1989.

Wir haben die kunst.. Valley Arts M-series ad
Musik magazine 09-1989

Valley Arts Catalogue_Part1
Valley Arts Catalogue_Part2
Valley Arts 1989

Valley Arts Customer order form
Valley Arts 21-07-1990

The kind of player that ownes a
Valley Arts Custom Pro,
isn't mass-produced either.
Ad. 1990.

Steve Lukather I only play one guitar.
Guitarplayer 1990

There are certain things in witch...
Catalog and ad. in the
Guitarist Oct. 1990

The Larry Carlton standard.
Guitar world may 1991

Magnifying Seve Lukather TESTCASE.
Artikel "The original Feedback" 09-1992

Valley Arts Standard Pro ad.
(onbekend) 1992

Gold in the Valley.
Guitarist 06-1990

Valley Arts Announces four ways to beat the comming recession.
Guitar player jan. 1991

VA customshop brings you America's..._Part1
VA customshop brings you America's..._Part2
VA customshop brings you America's..._Part3
1994 / 1995

The Robert Johnson Limited Edition adv.
Guitar player oct.1994

The best of both.

Quality, Prestige & innovation Gibson (valley Arts)


Valley Arts Custom Pro series.
Gibson catalogue 2004

Steve Lukather ad Rocktron.

Gitaarplus Valley Arts Larry Carlton gelimiteerd
door Nicky Moeken

Valley Arts Samick Robert Johnson
door Nicky Moeken

Valley Arts centraal in Qguitars collectie
Strings & Things
door Nicky Moeken